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Rest in Peace Paul Newell Hester (january 8, 1959-march 27, 2005)
We will miss you

Our beloved House is back together! Welcome new fans!

I made this community simply for the reason because there is no actual Crowded House community...and it made me so very sad.

From the ashes of Split Enz(1984) arose Crowded House (1985 or 1986...there is some dispute) with it's creator Neil Finn. Over the span of a decade, 4 albums were produced:
#1. Self-titled; 1987
#2. Temple of Low Men; 1988
#3. Woodface; 1991
#4. Together Alone; 1993

In June 1996, the same month that Finn called for the breakup of the band, a greatest hits album was released: Recurring Dream, along with an accompanying DVD release of a music video compilation.

In 1999 the most recent album was released, a collection of b-sides and the ecclectic like: "Afterglow"

Not really any rules..

-This community is for anyone who loves Crowded House, Neil Finn, Nick Seymour, Paul Hester, Mark Hart, Tim Finn, Craig Hooper, or Eddie Rayner.
Actually, if you like Split Enz or any band related to CH in any way...heck, even Supertramp (since Hart played with them) you are more than welcome to join in on the fun :D

-Interested in this community? Added it to your lj list? Please speak up Crowdies XD
Introduce yourself, include which song and/or album is your fave. Remember anything goes! XD

-Talking about Neil Finn is most definitely encouraged XD

-DO post stories about meeting band members or memorable concerts you went to

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